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Quality You Expect . . . at a Price You Can Afford

Superiority -

  • Providing current, accurate and easy to understand information is critical in the prevention of bad debt losses.

Expedient Service -

  • In Credit Management, time is crucial.  Credit is a "NOW" thing.

  • Online information is available 24/7/ 365 - always available when you need it.

Affordable Pricing -

  • Low cost information.

  • Call 360-612-9507 now to see if your company qualifies for special offers.

BPCA/Ansonia Credit Data proudly serves members of North America and Canada, fulfilling their needs for timely and accurate payment information on which to base credit decisions.  Founded in 1875, BPCA has built a solid and successful organization on time-honored hallmarks such as  accuracy, quality and timeliness.  In December 2011, BPCA became a part of Ansonia Credit Data which provided an increase in coverage of Debtor information while continuing to develop depth to the services and continue to build a lasting relationship with each of our members.


At BPCA/ANSONIA CREDIT DATA, we understand that when you need help with services and/or payment information, you look for an organization that offers quality, up to date information, rapidly and at an affordable price.  THAT is an accurate description of what BPCA/ANSONIA CREDIT DATA provides its members.



BPCA concentrates on Industry Credit Groups.  As a member of a BPCA Industry Credit Group, the payment information on your BPCA Interchange Report identifies the group submitter.  In addition, you also receive payment information of non-Credit Group members that submit to information to the BPCA/ANSONIA CREDIT DATA data base.

 While other credit organizations may be concerned only with their bottom line, BPCA/ANSONIA CREDIT DATA believes in putting our members first and all efforts are geared to benefit YOU, the member.

BPCA/Ansonia Credit Data - available 24/7/365 to bring you timely & accurate information from the extensive database of payment information! 

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